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Hotel Zuercherhof   -   at Zaehringerstrasse 21, Zurich 8001, Switzerland

Zurich in the early spring is grey and chilly, but hints of green begin to appear. We stayed at the Hotel Zuercherhof, which is only a block or two from the Rhine. Some afternoons, the sunshine grew strong and warm and golden - but only after a brisk grey morning. We didn't mind, though, because breakfast every day in the hotel involved a buffet with fresh berry yogurt, dark bread you sliced with a knife from a big loaf, steaming espresso in tiny white cups and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. We sat at our miniscule table under the old mullioned windows and watched our gray side street wake up. Miniature street washers rumbled by (on the sidewalk!). An old person with a twig broom swept along the edges of buildings. Hipsters with berets hurried past. Glasses clinked. Coffee brewed. Let's have another cup.

Walking in Zurich is easy. The old town has clean cobbled streets, and although many of them become steep, they amble through small plazas, past gorgeous shops and usually meander down to the river bank again, eventually.

We roamed all over the city, on both sides of the river, from the elegant edges of the Bahnhofstrasse to the University and its lovely old bookshops...

We watched the ducks floating on Lake Zurich, spotted the Red Dog tavern, dropped by the Harley Shop, and of course, feasted on raspberry cake from the finest chocolatier in all of Switzerland, Sprungli:

Zurich is charming, expensive, unique, beautiful, walkable.
More things to remember: Choco cakes from the Coop store across from the Train station, burgers with extra fries from The Holy Cow and dropping by the Dada exhibit at the world-famous Cabaret Voltaire:

More sights while wandering around...